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Explore accessible options like stocks, bonds, and CDs, weighing their pros and cons to develop a robust investment philosophy. Gain clarity on your financial goals and learn to make informed decisions. Stay tuned as we compare these instruments with real estate in upcoming lessons. Elevate your financial understanding and embark on a strategic investment journey.

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Putting It All Together.

So as we’ve now seen from a very high level, there are numerous financial instruments and investments that are available to the everyday individual. Anyone listening to this can likely go and access these tools or these instruments, which isn’t always the case for all of the financial instruments and tools that are out there. So all of the ones that we’ve covered over the last several lessons should be readily and easily accessible to everyone. It might be as easy as simply going to an online financial institution and signing up for one of these things, whether it be a brokerage account that allows you to invest in stocks and bonds, or simply setting up a savings account or investing in a CD at a bank or financial institution, a lot of this can be done totally online.

It’s important to remember that each of them has differing amount of risk and reward. And so it’s up to you, the individual investor to decide what your risk tolerance is, as well as what your investment philosophy and thesis are, which we’re going to help you do throughout this academy. So for many of you, this has likely been review. If not, I’m glad we could talk about some of the different financial instruments available to you. So continue exploring what these are and it’s important to start to stack rank them against real estate because I think so many people hear real estate to find it’s an amazing investment. You have to get into it. It’s totally passive as we covered in prior lesson, it’s not necessarily always going to be passive and it’s probably not going to be passive to set up. And so I want to encourage everybody to go look and explore for themselves what the other options they have available to them are, and then come back and decide if real estate makes sense for you.

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