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Head to the ‘Building Your Team’ section, where we’re checking out the key players in your real estate journey. Get to know the Agents, who are like your property sherpa, and the Lenders, the financial wizards making your investments happen. See how Property Managers keep things running smooth. Learn why Insurance Agents/Brokers are your asset bodyguards. Dive into the world of Contractors, the pros turning your property into a masterpiece. Finally, meet your Tax/Legal Advisors, the folks helping you navigate the legal maze.

Welcome to the Building Your Team section.

Throughout these courses, we’re going to be talking about the professionals that I would recommend considering putting on your team to help you execute a successful investing strategy. Now we’re going to be talking at a fairly high level about the various professionals and people I’d recommend surrounding yourself with. But don’t worry because we’re going to be taking a super deep dive into each and every one of them in a future lesson.

So throughout these courses and lessons, we’re going to be talking high level about who these folks are, what value they provide, how you want to talk to them and screen them, as well as why it may make sense to start surrounding yourself with them, as well as starting to network with them, depending on where you are in your real estate journey.

So let’s dive into it.

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