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Meet Michael

Michael Albaum

Business Consultant & Founder

In today’s world, having personally witnessed and experienced the transformative impact of real estate investing, I am dedicated to helping you navigate the dynamic challenges it poses. My objective is to impart practical insights and actionable knowledge, empowering you to reach your financial goals.

My first investment property purchase marked a turning point for me, both mentally and physically – when that first rent check hit my bank account, I became captivated by the potential of real estate investing. I realized I didn’t need to rely on an employer hanging a paycheck over my head to make money. While maintaining a demanding engineering job that took me across the western United States, I continued to invest in real estate throughout the country. I lived frugally, often sharing rented homes with roommates to maximize savings. It wasn’t until my cash flow supported a primary mortgage that my wife and I decided to buy a place of our own.

Since that first property purchase, I’ve been a staunch believer in the power of real estate. As a result, I worked tirelessly to scale as fast as possible and within a decade, found myself owning and operating a portfolio of 75 doors. I’ve since realized that bigger isn’t always better and that to achieve my goals, I didn’t need a portfolio of that size. Today, my focus is on more efficient and leaner investments that require less time, enabling me to prioritize the things that matter most.

Over the years, I’ve had my fair share of both wins and losses which have led to valuable lessons learned. My goal is to share those lessons learned and empower individuals to make informed investment decisions. I firmly believe that knowledge is the foundation of power, and I invite you to join me on this educational journey to learn what it takes to become a successful real estate investor.

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From 2019 to 2023, I played a key role in developing and operating Roofstock Academy, the investor education platform for

My Expertise

With over a decade of personal real estate investment experience, both domestically and abroad, and an annual gross income of $500k, I’ve seen and experienced quite a lot. I’ve been able to get hands-on expertise with single-family rentals, condos, small multifamily, commercial multifamily, value-added projects, and NN & NNN leased properties. When my focus was solely on growth, I owned 75 doors. I was able to do this by purchasing the most beat-up properties I could find, adding value with physical rehabs, and then either selling or refinancing them. Today, I prioritize a more efficient portfolio while sharing my insights to empower others and steer them clear of pitfalls.

My Journey

While you’ve glimpsed my transition from engineering to real estate, delve deeper into my nearly decade-long journey as a real estate investor.


  • Purchased new primary residence near old primary in the Bay Area
  • Converted prior Bay Area house hack duplex into a full-time rental with an average cash-on-cash return of 7.4%


  • Sold 1st investment property for 2.08x what I purchased it for and 1031 exchanged into the below TN property
  • Purchased a short-term rental cabin in Tennessee
  • Purchased a short-term rental condo in Tennessee


  • Purchased a short-term SFR property in Tennessee
  • Purchased a small, single-family home in Kansas City, Missouri to flip, underwent rehab, and kept it as a rental for 1 yr and sold for an IRR of 29%
  • Purchased a 2nd short-term rental in Lisbon, Portugal


  • Sold 2nd investment property purchased for 1.4x what I purchased it for
  • Purchased a house-hack duplex in the Bay Area, California, living in one unit while renting out the other
  • Converted central coast CA primary residence into a mid-term rental with an average cash-on-cash return of 17%


  • Purchased a small single-family home in Birmingham, AL as a flip through my IRA, initiated rehab, and sold it with an IRR of 50%
  • Purchased a short-term rental in Lisbon, Portugal


  • Purchased a 7-unit property in Kentucky and performed minor rehab work
  • Purchased a 6-unit property in Ohio, conducted rehabilitation, and sold it nine months later with an IRR of 47%
  • Invested in a 12-unit mixed-use property (9 residential units and 3 commercial spaces) in Kentucky, underwent rehabilitation, and sold it 12 months later for an IRR of 36% via a 1031 exchange


  • Purchased an 8-unit multifamily property in Ohio, underwent extensive rehab, resulting in an additional monthly rental income of approximately $4,000
  • Purchased a 5-unit building in Ohio, carried out minor rehab work, and boosted monthly rental income by around $1,500
  • Purchased a primary residence on the central coast of CA
  • Invested in a NNN lease property with a 400+ unit franchisee


  • Purchased an 8-unit building in Kentucky, conducted renovations, and implemented better management practices, resulting in an additional monthly rental income of approximately $2,000
  • Purchased and transformed a mixed-use property in Kentucky from a 4-unit residential and 4-unit commercial into a 15-unit residential and 2-unit commercial setup
  • Purchased a 4-unit property in Kentucky and conducted significant rehabilitation, increasing monthly rental income by around $2,000


  • Purchased a triplex in Alaska


  • Purchased two duplexes in Missouri
  • Invested in a NN property with a national chain tenant


  • Purchased a second investment property (new construction condo) in Southern California


  • Purchased my first investment property (single-family home) in Southern California


  • Started my self-education journey into the world of rental real estate

Passions and Pursuits

You’ve caught a glimpse of my transition from engineering to real estate, now let’s take a closer look at my day-to-day life.

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