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Dive into the ‘Crunching Numbers’ section, a vital aspect of mastering real estate finance. Explore courses on key metrics such as Cash Flow, Cap Rate, Cash on Cash Return, IRR, Total Return, and Return on Equity. Uncover income potentials, strategies for adding value, and gain insights into high-level expenses. Enhance your financial acumen to navigate the intricate realm of real estate investment with confidence.

Welcome to the Crunching Numbers section, where we go through all of the different metrics that you should be aware of as an investor, as well as talk through how to think about those metrics, how to use them in your day-to-day investing life.

We’re going to finish off the section by going through an example property as well as identifying and determining all of the expenses associated with rental property, how to think about them, how to calculate them, and then how they tie into calculating your actual metrics to get an overall financial picture of a potential investment.

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