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Embark on the ‘Lending/Financing’ section to demystify the intricacies of real estate financing. Dive into courses covering ‘Types of Mortgages’ and ‘Types of Lenders’ to understand the diverse financing options available. Explore unconventional strategies like ‘Self-Funding with Retirement Accounts’ and learn the art of navigating ‘Amortization Tables/Schedules.’ Differentiate between ‘Owner-Occupied vs. Investment Property’ and ‘Residential vs. Commercial’ to tailor your approach. Master the art of ‘Accessing Existing Equity,’ discover the essentials of ‘How to Qualify for a Mortgage,’ and unravel the secrets of ‘Securing Financing.’ Join us on this comprehensive journey through real estate financing to empower your investment decisions.

Welcome to the section on Lending And Financing.

We’re going to start by talking about the various types of mortgages that we should be aware of as real estate investors, as well as the different types of lenders that are out there that we might source our loans from. We’re also going to get into how we can actually self fund our own deals without needing any kind of outside capital.

We’re also going to be covering some of the major differences between commercial and residential mortgages as well as lenders, talk through how to access existing equity for any repeat investors out there or folks that already own property. And then we’re going to round it out by talking about how to actually qualify for a mortgage. What steps are involved? Because as anyone who has ever received a mortgage or applied for a loan could probably tell you, it’s not a very easy process. So getting things teed up in advance can be really helpful so that when it comes time to actually purchase a property, you’re in a really good position to do so.

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