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Explore the ‘Lessons Learned’ section, where I candidly discuss the mistakes I’ve encountered in my real estate journey. Gain valuable insights on avoiding these pitfalls and discover effective strategies that have proven successful. Feel free to adopt these lessons as you build your own real estate portfolio. This section remains dynamic, with ongoing additions reflecting the evolving nature of the real estate business.

Welcome to the Lessons Learned section, where I talk through a lot of the lessons that I’ve learned just by operating and owning rental real estate in the real world as I’ve shared so many personal anecdotes throughout the academy. This is another section where I just talk through these are the mistakes that I’ve made.

Here’s how to not make the same mistakes, or here are the things that I’ve seen that have worked really well. So go ahead and borrow these as you’re putting together your own real estate portfolio. As I continue to invest, I’ll continue to add additional lessons to this section to keep sharing with everybody because real estate, as we know, is an ever-evolving dynamic business.

And so we don’t want to stay static. We want to continue learning. We want to continue growing. And so as I hopefully continue to do so, I’m going to be sharing more and more throughout this section.

I hope you enjoy it.

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