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Jump into the ‘Picking A Market’ section for a savvy ride on choosing the perfect real estate spot. We’re covering all sorts of ground, like diving deep into different market types and refining your understanding with the nitty-gritty on various market categories. Learn the crucial metrics to make smart decisions and figure out the best places to put your money. We’ll even tackle tenant dynamics with ‘Tenant Types’ to help you pick the right market.

Welcome to the picking a market section.

In this section, we’re going to outline and define what the various market types are, as well as really dig deep into what some of the various metrics to utilize are when looking to select a market. We’re going to round out the section by talking about where to invest, whether it makes sense to do it locally or to do it remotely. And then we’re also going to finish by talking about what the various tenant types look like for what you might want to consider investing in.

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