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Let’s get started on the enlightening journey through the ‘Sourcing Deals’, strategically delving into diverse channels of deal acquisition. Traverse the nuances of ‘Agents’ as we unveil the advantages of harnessing the expertise of real estate professionals. Immerse yourself in the realm of ‘Wholesalers,’ comprehending their pivotal role in facilitating off-market opportunities. Discover the boundless potential of the ‘MLS’ as an invaluable resource for deal sourcing. Delve into sophisticated strategies in ‘Generating Off-Market Leads,’ demystifying the strategies to access lucrative off-market prospects.

Welcome to the Sourcing Deals Section.

In this section, we’re going to walk through all of the various ways that we as investors can source deals.

Whether that’s using very traditional forms like agents or wholesalers to maybe some strategies that are a little more unorthodox, such as generating your own off-market leads by either driving for dollars or cold calling. We’re also going to be talking about what the MLS is and how we as investors can use it to our advantage.

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