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Tailored for diverse learning styles, our course offers auditory learning for on-the-go enthusiasts and visually engaging infographics for those who thrive on visuals. Navigate the self-paced structure, whether you’re a beginner starting from the basics or a seasoned investor choosing specific topics of interest. Embrace the flexibility to learn at your own pace and style, ensuring a comprehensive and tailored educational journey with myFI.

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So, as I mentioned in a prior lesson, the whole goal of creating MyFi Academy was to make real estate investing education accessible for anyone that was interested, whether you’re just getting started or you’re a seasoned investor and looking to get involved in different asset class or scale your portfolio or do more with less, you’re in the right place. We’ve got great content for you. And what I’ve heard over the years, having worked with tons of investors and well as networking with colleagues and coworkers that are also investors is that they like learning on the go. But there’s no secret, we live in this era of podcasts. And so I wanted to make real estate investing education accessible for where people were and when they were living their lives.

So whether you’re on the go at the gym, making dinner, you can pop in a podcast-style lesson and learn, how to become a real estate investor, or you can learn how to evaluate numbers better if you’re already an existing investor, or you can learn about short term rentals. We’ve got content on all of that and more. So for people that are visual learners, we didn’t want to just limit it to auditory learning, because I know that there are so many different types of learning styles out there. We want it to cater to as many of them as possible. And so we’ve created infographics for many of the lessons, that helped drive home concepts as well as ideas. And so feel free to pull those up as you’re listening to the lessons or review them after the fact to help reinforce ideas and topics that are covered in that lesson. This is really meant to help jumpstart your real estate investing education without a huge commitment. This course is also designed to be self self-paced education program that meets you where you are, regardless of where you’re starting from.

So if you’re just getting started, feel free to start at the top and work your way down all the way to the bottom, going through every lesson. If you’re a more seasoned investor, feel free to jump around and pick and choose a la carte style, what it is that you’re interested in learning more about, or interested in learning about for the first time.

You’ll see on each course, the length, the rating, as well as supplemental materials available. And so again, feel free to move around at your discretion and at your leisure. So I look forward to seeing you in the next lesson.

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